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Lu-Vi: 08:30 - 18:00
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Selection of a product can be done by pressing the "Buy" button. A product information window opens, and the Buyer has two options: to continue shopping or to go to the cart and to complete the purchase process.

By pressing the "Go to cart" button, the Buyer has to go through 4 steps:

1. Cart - view the product, the Buyer has the option to increase or decrease the quantity, as well as the option to cancel the order. Pressing the "Next" button follows the next step.

2. Personal data - the Buyer enters: name, surname, telephone and email, so that an operator can contact him to confirm the order.

3. Delivery - the Buyer selects the place to pick up the goods at the Seller's premises or at the place indicated by the Buyer.

4. Payment - The buyer selects 4 payment options:

  • Cash payment
  • Cash payment to the courier
  • Payment by credit card - The buyer will enter the bank details of the card to complete the order. Card details will be entered on the MAIB page (Moldova Agroindbank).
  • Payment with Paynet wallet.

After receiving the order, the Seller's operator will contact the Buyer by the telephone number indicated by him when placing the order. The contract is considered to be concluded at the time of the verbal confirmation by the Buyer of the order, the confirmation being given to the Seller's operator. cannot be held liable for incorrectly entered information, which may result in delivery delays or cancellation of the order.

Even if it has taken all the measures so that the information presented on this site is accurate and correct, cannot be responsible for inaccuracies that may appear in the completion by the Customer of the forms on the site to complete the Order. Users are responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information provided in the forms available on this site.

Price and delivery

The final price paid by the Customer consists of the price of the product + shipping costs. Delivery prices are detailed on the site. All prices for products and services sold through the website are expressed in MDL and include VAT.

  • Delivery is valid throughout Moldova, except Transnistria.
  • Delivery in Cahul is free for orders higher than 1000 MDL.
  • Delivery in Chisinau - 100 MDL.
  • Delivery to other localities - 200 MDL.
  • Delivery is made within 3-14 days.

If you want to receive the goods independently directly from our store, you can pick up at:

1. str. Petricanii 17/4, Chisinau

2. str. Prospectul Republicii 33, Cahul.

Pickup is available:

- on weekdays between hours 9:00 - 18:00

- on weekends, between hours 09:00 - 15:00.