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The customer has the right to return the Goods without defining the reason within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the receipt of the order. (Goods can be returned if they are not used, accompanied by factory labels and the appropriate sales appearance).

To return the goods Buyer must submit the document that proves the fact and the conditions of its purchase and complete the request for the return of the goods.

Return conditions if the product has visible or technical defects:

The return of the goods in case of discovery of defects, related to non-compliance with the conditions of the Order, occurred through the fault of the Seller:

If the Goods have been supplied to you with partial non-compliance or violation of the terms of the Order through the fault of the Seller, regarding the assortment, completeness, quantity of the goods, you have the right to inform the Seller (within seven calendar days) about defects and violations of the conditions of sale.

You also have the right to refuse to take goods in return and request a refund. In this case, the goods must be returned to the Seller with retention of the initial appearance of the sale, consumer properties, seals, factory labels.

To return the goods, you must submit the document proving the fact and conditions of its purchase and complete the request for return of the goods, send the request to the Seller's e-mail -

Refunds are made only to the card with which the purchase was made.

Authorized authority with consumer protection functions in the Republic of Moldova


Consumer Protection Agency


str. Vasile Alecsandri 78, Chisinau
(022) 74-14-64

The examination of the complaint is performed upon presentation of the receipt or other document confirming the purchase of the product or the provision of the service.